A Bathroom in any home is where the family shall make a defining statement of personal hygiene values of a home gets perfectly defined.

A Bath mate, primarily, is a piece of material laid on the bathroom floor and serves the purpose of drying ourselves as we move out of the wash area. It also serves to keep the bath floor dry as well with a view to provide a moisture-free and slip-free surface to the user.

Types of Bathroom mat used in common:
  • Cloth bath mat
  • Cotton threaded bath mat
  • Bathroom rug
  • Tufted bathmat
  • Chenille bath mat
  • Woven bath mat
  • Bubble bath mat
  • PVC bath mat
  • Bathtub mat
  • Anti slip bath mat
  • Latex backed bath mat
  • Micro fiber DLX bath mat
  • High absorbent reversible bath mat
  • Vinyl non adhesive anti-slip mat
  • Fast absorbent micro polyester mat
  • Rubber back machine washable mat

The generic term, therefore, for all the above listed varieties is 'Bath mate', which is basically any floor mat that is used inside or outside Bathrooms. Its purpose, therefore, is to provide clean and dry floors all within our homes by serving as a protective utility from the risks that may arise owing to our risky exposures to wet surfaces in our homes, thereby extending a protective shield to all our loved ones.

Product : Bath Mate
  • Bath mats used in bathrooms can be broadly classified into two types: -
  • 1. One that is used within the wash area

    2. The other that is used outside the wash area in the bathrooms.

  • The first type is typically used to protect the user from any untoward slips, while the second serves a dual purpose in drying ourselves and keeping the floor around moisture-free.
  • Thanks to creative minds, Bathmats, however, have evolved over the years and serves a lot more purposes than its primary utilities. Today, from an aesthetic sense, bathmats can give mindsoothing makeovers to the feel in our bathrooms. It helps to complement the overall design and color scheme of bathrooms.
  • It, then, shall not be an over-statement when bathmats are termed to be a blend of style and purpose. They serve to provide an anti-skid surface for the risky feet while also blending well with the defining elements in the room towards having a feel-good atmosphere.
  • Cloth bath mats that are used in areas outside the bathrooms help absorb water from the feet as well as keep water from spilling onto the bath floors.
  • Bath mats used inside the bathrooms usually have rubber sheets underneath to secure them to the floors. Such mats usually come with cut or looped piles which are thick and plush, thereby providing an excellent protective gear in preventing accidental falls in bathrooms.
  • Bathmats come in a variety of attractive colors, texture and style throwing up abundant options to the prospective buyers for making a wise choice.
  • Both the variants, however, combine the consumer friendly elements of 'easy-on-the-pocket' and uncompromising safety features.
  • While the commonly available bathmats are blamed for lots of health compromising elements, we now present BATH MATE as an effective, uncompromising and valuable replacement for such common bathmats, boasting of the best in class hygienic securing features. It shall be the solution for people who wish to make their home free from invisible bacterial organisms that survive in moisture and wet surfaces.
  • BATH MATE shall, therefore, be the perfect solution for your well-being and cleanliness at home.